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OraTech’s turnkey programs and end-to-end capabilities can significantly reduce your time to market and improve profitability, whether you

  • • Select from our large inventory of market-ready products for private label
  • • Bring us your own products to fill, print, or package
  • • Take advantage of our custom product development services


Our goal is to provide premium oral care products custom packaged with your brand so it stands out in the market. High levels of engagement are required during this phase to ensure the product meets your requirements. We also want to be sure all product testing and quality standards meet U.S. and International market regulations. This phase of our Smarter to Market process ensures you launch a perfect product on time.

R&D Developement

With over 40 years of creating some of the world’s best award-winning dental and teeth whitening products, our scientists are eager to design something from scratch or reverse engineer a product specifically for you. With R&D as a core competency, we specialize in formulating various light- and chemical-cured products from composites and resins to stabilized gels, pastes, slurries, and liquid chemistries. While you are engaged with R&D, we will also have our quality and regulatory compliance teams evaluate the required FDA testing required and proper documentation to ensure a successful launch.


Our state-of-the-art mixing systems allow us to scale up and compound a wide range of oral care formulas in small or large batch sizes. Our systems cover a range of mixing applications: low shear mixers for blending, suspending, and heat transfer; and high shear mixers suited for powder incorporation to liquid dispersion, creating stable emulsions, and particle-sized reduction. We can also mix under vacuum to achieve a specific density and/or simply achieve a particular appearance.


Because our products span a range of unique dental and cosmetic formulas, our in-house manufacturing engineering team know how to work with whatever application you need. From light- and temperature-sensitive formulas to highly viscous gels or low viscous liquid products, our filling equipment has options from fully automated to semi-automated for syringes, bottles, and unit-dose packaging.


Our products and brands are sold around the world from professional dentistry to traditional over-the-counter brick and mortar retail. If our standard off-the-shelf packaging doesn’t meet your needs, then we’ll design something specific for your brand. Because of the unique demand from our customers, we have assembled a world-class team of packaging engineers. Once we understand the brand and end user, we will work with you to design and prototype packaging that gives the end user an experience. As part of our turnkey service, we will also kit the finished good, ensuring it meets the quality assurance GMPs as well as the regulatory requirements for ISO 13487 and the FDA.


We will palletize and ship your product anywhere in the world. During the Concept Design phase in our Smarter to Market service, we will work with you to ensure all the required import/export documentation is prepared upfront. Once we have finished good on the dock, our logistics team will work with you and our Regulatory team to ensure all the paperwork is complete for easy international importation or simple domestic shipments.

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