Since its inception, Oratech has been recognized as a leader in readymade dental formulas for private label. Today our extensive catalog includes high-quality tooth-whitening gels at a range of concentration suitable for in-office and in-home use; reliable and convenient bonding agents and temporary cements; as well as numerous other materials frequently used at chairside. OraTech can customize all formulas for flavor, color, aroma, and viscosity to meet you needs.

OraTech's Private label Product Categories:

1. Preventives
2. Whitening
3. Restorative
4. Etchants
5. Adhesives
6. Tissue Management
7. Endondontics
8. Delivery

OraTech has been providing contract manufacturing for the dental industry for more than 30 years and has conducted leading research on a variety of dental products.

We have extensive capabilities in private label manufacturing, formulation, packaging and fulfillment to help you bring your products to market smarter and faster.

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Private Label. Our award winning Pro|Options Dental Products are ready to ship.

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